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The decoration, each of the details, the setting, the combination of colors, lights, smells, are factors that differentiate from one wedding to another and personalize your wedding

We help you transform your ideas, capturing and adapting to your style, transforming spaces and corners. Our imagination does not stop flying and spinning! We always seek innovation, contributing original ideas, adapting to your style, giving shape to your ideas, transforming spaces and corners to achieve that incredible decoration that will not go unnoticed by your guests.

We design, create and produce spaces full of personality, style and harmony. Adapted to your taste and budget with a customized design. Explaining what we do is difficult, so we invite you to take a look at our wedding of The Invitation and video of our making off. Tell us your idea and we help you to make it come true.

As you can imagine, the entire The Invitation Team is working to find and create new decorations for you! we are up to date with all the trends and inspirations day by day. But well, now is the time to give shape to all those hours of search, documentation, travel, photos ... to find what you want for your special day! More than one will have appeared the shadow of the doubt of: What style I choose for my event? That is what I like? Is it the trend of this year? Calm! They are natural questions when what you want is to live a special day and reflect your personality in every detail. In that moment we enter into action to help you, advise and give you ideas and so you can capture that vision that you have in your mind of how everything will be, or if you have no idea even of where to start.

The decoration of an event must be pampered and much, you have to take care of every detail, and of course define a style!

You can opt for a Modern, Vintage, Romantic, Industrial, Classic, Shabby Chic ... It all depends on your personal tastes and those you want to reflect, leaving your assistants with their mouths open literally! How to achieve it? At The Invitation we love taking care of the details, as we always say DETAILS IF IMPORTED and there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE!

If you do not know why to choose, then we start analyzing where your event is going to be held, what your tastes are, and then, we continue to contribute ideas or advice such as the colors that best identify you, the textures, textures, floral decoration, lighting decoration, and other elements to give the desired shape and achieve the effect you're looking for!

Although throughout this journey we have met people, who had something very clear: I WANT THAT MY WEDDING IS THEME!

Well, here we go! We dig deep into the subject, and we begin to achieve that in each aspect it is in consonance and the final result is to have your event fully themed. We can not leave in the ink of our keyboard, all those DESTINATION WEDDINGS. All of them have made us focus in a totally different way each element, approaching the decorations with another perspective, so that finally, it ends up reflecting all those wonderful cultures, so surprising and diverse that still continue to amaze us and that have been transferred to our Country.

All this is a small part of everything we have done, so go ahead and let your imagination fly ... We take care of the rest!


For those who want to organize your wedding but want to enjoy and be calm on your wedding day, without having to involve family and friends and you need to finish the last details and have everything under control.

We take care of the schedule of the day of the link (from hours before the ceremony until the end of the first dance) so that everything goes perfectly and as planned after a great job that has taken months of preparation.

Be accompanied by a team of professionals, so that everything flows naturally, they know how to plan things so that unforeseen problems do not arise and / or solve them effectively, supervising all aspects, where and how everything should be executed.

Our work does not start on day B, but months before: we contact all suppliers to analyze all contracts closed to detect possible problems and solve them before day B, supervising all aspects and using all available resources effectively because there are no second chances.

You just enjoy, we take care of the rest.


All the stationery of your wedding must go in harmony and in accordance with the decoration of the wedding and to have an impact on the guests, giving continuity to the design and style of your wedding.

We help shape your ideas. We have an exceptional graphic designer who transforms your ideas using your own materials for printing. Everything is possible in The Invitation!.

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Your wedding in California

We offer custom wedding design and organization services tailored for those who live abroad and want to get married in California. With an exceptional climate, excellent gastronomy and full of history and culture, California offers excellent options and spaces to create a special atmosphere in your wedding. We are the wedding planners in California, who specialize in non-resident weddings.

Our experience as wedding planners allows us to realize the dreams of couples of different nationalities to marry in California, avoiding the long journeys by continuous contact with your personal Wedding Planner in California. You will be informed and participate in every moment of the planning process because the final decisions are always yours.

The Invitation puts all our services and resources at your disposal , offering tailor-made organization, from legal and bureaucratic procedures, search of spaces, suppliers, details, advice and ideas, to coordination of the wedding day, for the benefit of the bride and groom as well as the guests, always with an exceptional treatment.

We give you the peace of mind of being in the hands of professionals with well known experience.


There are many types of events that The Invitation has organized throughout the years, with exquisite organization, creating unique environments and innovative proposals using our excellent work methodology over these years.

Having the support of professionals for organization and / or decor is a guarantee of success, whether it be a private celebration, a charity gala or, a breakfast for the press, we offer you a tailor-made service, adjusted to your needs, fits your budget, and creates a unique and personalized environment..

From finding the best locations, suppliers that fit your needs, managing all the logistical aspects, or creating that decor that makes the difference.

We work with our clients to understand their style, capture their ideas, and detect the needs of each event to provide solutions, ideas, and optimize resources to produce unique environments in which every detail makes a difference.

We know that every event is different and for The Invitation everything is possible. We create experiences.